Friday, August 31, 2012

Adventures in Gardening

It's been a wonderful summer in the garden.  Tons of produce since early July and we've made out like bandits.
She's subtle with her hints.
Em got me this cookbook from the library a few weeks ago.  So I took action and many hours later:

I didn't choose the canning life.  The canning life chose me.
The past few weeks have been extremely hot and it was starting to fry the cucumber plants.  I'd been neglecting to address them for some time and I wanted to put the fall crops in so that we'd have vegetables through early November.  When I came back inside a few minutes later with absolutely no sign of dirt under my fingernails or on my clothes, Em asked how I got everything done so quickly.

This is my story:
Ah, los jalapeños.  How lovely.
Le eggplant.  Almost ready to be parmigiana-fied. 

Our lovely backyard. Complete with charcoal burning BBQ
...what's that in the corner where the dead cucumber plants are.





Good thing I had my jetpack.


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