Friday, August 17, 2012

Babyglow -- yet another product you didn't even know you needed

And here from the annals of Things-People-Don't-Need-But-Clearly-Have-More-Money-Than-Me-And-Can-Afford-To-Buy, comes the Babyglow:
Babyglow - Temperature Color Changing Bodysuit

Nothing sells me on a concept like an upset wee one.
Essentially this onesie changes from pink (or blue) to white whenever the baby's body temp gets above 98.6°  and then drops back to the normal color as body temp decreases.

The main problem I see with this is the fact that your body temperature can fluctuate by a degree or more throughout the day and depending on your hormonal levels this can totally throw your body out of whack.  Don't believe me?  


At any rate, even if this thing does allow for normal body temp changes, it still begs the question -- who has this kind of money to burn?!?! At $39.99 each, these things don't come cheaply.  And if you are buying them straight through from 3 months through 18 months, that's a lot of rather expensive onesies.

I love most ThinkGeek products (and their product descriptions always deliver on the funnies) but I just can't justify this purchase.

Besides -- I'm sure there are plenty of dads from my generation with a Hypercolor tees in the backs of their closets.  Swaddle that baby up and party like it's 1991.

Needless to say, I disapprove of this shirt.
It'll be cheaper, more colorful and you'll finally have an answer when your wife asks you why you keep all this stupid shirts that you never wear.

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